How can we help you through the accreditation process?

The accreditation framework is based on a series of guiding principles that includes non-prescriptiveness, flexibility, streamlined, and quality improvement. With LinkingHealthProfessionals, increase compliance statistics and produce performance reports required for accreditation. Measure your performance through assessments of placements, students, clinical instructors and faculty.

Student Satisfaction Rate

How does LinkingHealthProfessionals help you to increase the student satisfaction rate?

The most important factor taken into consideration to measure your program is providing the knowledge and skills a student can use in their future career, this is known as the student satisfaction rate. LinkingHealthProfessionals offers an progressive assessment process that measures this indicator and allows the student to learn and receive feedback continually from their clinical instructor.


Bringing students and clinical instructors together inside and outside the classroom.

A career is not just a series of jobs, but a continuous process of lifelong learning, growth and development (National Career Development Association in the United States). The healthcare schools top priority is to help students learn more about themselves and appreciate the specific work they are doing towards their future prospects, while keeping in mind the unique needs of the diverse students.

LinkingHealthProfessionals is an application that you will actually love.


With LinkingHealthProfessionals you are able to see each student's progress in a glance and instructors can design and direct future experiences to personalized student's needs.

It's easy now to identify students who are at risk of not meeting the course/program objectives and to offer support and remediation as necessary.

The progressive assessment is built on competencies evaluated in the mid-term or final evaluation to ensure an instant update to the most up-to-date competencies is done seamlessly.

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